The Anatomy of my Dedication to Taylor Swift

I have been asked multiple times “Why are you so obsessed with Taylor Swift? She is all you tweet and talk about!”

If you have time to read this or want to read this, I thank you ahead of time.

Would you like to know how it all started?

In 2006 on the car ride to school my sister and I were listening to Radio Disney. Why? I don’t know. I was sixteen and a junior in high school. My sister was 9.

The DJ said up next Taylor Swift with Teardrops on my guitar. We were listening to it and said “What is this? Is this country? Who the heck listens to country I hate country, who is Taylor Swift, really country?” OK.

Next day at around the same time same song comes on and I’m like ok the song lyrics are interesting. Go home and look up Taylor Swift. Ok she seems sweet and innocent, woah we are the same age that is cool.

Months go by and my computer has Taylor Swift on It. I don’t say anything.

Time goes by and I start hearing around the house “I hate that stupid old pick up truck you never let me never drive” I ask my sister what are you singing. She says um a song I like.

We sit down and confess to each other We like Country Music. We like Taylor Swift.

Fearless comes out. My sister buys the physical album. I buy the platinum edition on iTunes. We are hooked, she starts making it more and more clear that she LOVES Taylor Swift, I try not to get too involved because SHE liked Taylor and that was the only thing she had. I then realized that she had a soft, innocent side. I didn’t want to intrude on her obsession. Soon enough she started wearing sundresses and bracelets and looking a bit country.

I pick up my guitar and begin to learn some songs. I’m hooked. Obsessed.

By now everyone knew she was obsessed.

She pre-ordered Speak Now, and bought the target edition. She starts colleting TS merch I still don’t make my obsession apparent. We each go on with our admiration and respect for this young woman we had said we didn’t like. Now, every time we think back on how it all began we say “We were young, stupid, naive and had no idea what we were talking about” Taylor Swift is great.

RED is announced, My sister pre-orders it and buys the Target edition. With this album we bonded a lot more and went into great detail on how much we loved this album. We discussed the lyrics and thought damn, this girl is a genius, how can anyone ever top these lyrics. They are just amazing. All Too Well for me is the greatest. I can’t even put into words how I feel about this song. It is indescribable. I thought “RED is my favorite album to date!”

The tour was announced and it was around my sister’s birthday and I thought wouldn’t it be great if I surprised her with tickets? Hmm… I worked harder and saved up. Time came around and I bought the tickets. I was so excited I couldn’t contain myself, I wanted to tell her right away. I waited until I got them in the mail and put them in a book that I knew she would’t read and I said “Here I want you to turn to page 10 and read me a paragraph, I think you’ll like it” She made an I hate you face I don’t want to read it. She opens up the book and turns to the page and her jaw drops and screams Oh My God repeatedly. I say what, whats wrong? By this time she is jumping up and down and gave me the biggest, tightest hug of my life. She was tearing up. Which made me very happy because she doesn’t really show emotion. SO I teared up. It was great and my mom was laughing at us. My mom gave her a bunch of Taylor merch, including covergirl things, and magazines.

RED had taken over my life, I bought the songbook and tried to learn songs.

For christmas I bought the two different RED Tour Keds, the ones that said RED and the ones with the tour cities on them. Tour day came around, it was the 2nd day at the Staples Center and we each wore a different shoe on different a foot.

It was time. Taylor came out and she cried. I watched like a creeper. I was so happy to see her get that excited. I look up, see Taylor, and tear up. Our seats were by the lower railing down the right side of the stage directly left of the B stage. We saw Andrea and Scott Swift. TAYLOR’S parents!! How amazing is that. To top that, Mr. Swift gave my sister and I guitar picks!!! We were soo excited! Best day!

By then I was already obsessing on what an amazing and successful person Taylor Swift is. After seeing her live, I confirmed that I LOVED Taylor Swift and the world had to know lol. I began tweeting more and more and just was up to date with whatever news was going on and of course defended her when people said not so nice things. Taylor Swift eventually took over my life. I did better in school by following her life advice and just watching her live her life in general.

I had the most amazing opportunity this past year. I was invited to take part in her music video for Shake it Off. Can you imagine how I felt?? I met wonderful people there. Well why wouldn’t they be, they are Swifties. The only downfall to that was “How am I going to tell my sister that I met her Idol? I spent a day with Taylor Swift, I hugged Taylor Swift, I talked to Taylor Swift, I danced with Taylor Swift. I spoke to Andrea Swift. Man, What a DAY. For days, weeks, MONTHS I was happy, smiling from cheek to cheek and everyone asked why I was so happy. I just kept saying Life is great that’s why.

When time came and Taylor announced 1989 and premiered the video I was so nervous because my sister was going to know the truth. She was upset and demanded an explanation. I told her everything and has my outfit from that day on lock down. It can’t ever be touched. I figured as much so when I got home that day I immediately took it off and hung it in my closet. It didn’t see daylight until the video was released. I received a box in the mail from Nashville and thought “hmm what is this?” I opened it and bam! it was merch and a photograph of that glorious day. My dad happened to be around so I wrapped half of the items and had him give them to my sister since he was going to see her that night. She, as I, had no idea what to expect.

We each pre-ordered the physical copy from target and I ordered it from iTunes as well. We were lucky enough to get tickets to Jimmy Kimmel and watch Taylor Swift perform. We met a great guy there, of course, he is in fact a Swiftie. 1989 is a wonderful album! All the songs are great. She knows how to make wonderful music no matter the genre.

I am more than proud to say that I am a Swiftie. I love Taylor Swift and everyone knows it. At school, at work, at home, my friends. Everyone.

Taylor Swift got me listening to country music which expanded my musical horizons. Even though she may not be a country artist anymore. She will always be country. She is country. Her music, the way she writes. She can crossover to whatever and she will be successful because she knows what music is about and is a genuine person. Honest. She speaks from experience and from the heart. Swifties all over the world appreciate her dedication to us.

She is a great influence on women of all ages, I am 24 and I look up to her. I am glad my sister has Taylor as an idol, she is now 17 and I think she is growing up to be a great woman. I thank Taylor Swift for being so down to earth and showing girls that it is ok to be vulnerable, have those feelings, feel them, embrace them. Dance it out, have fun, be yourself, have your girlfriends. Prioritize. Boys aren’t everything. YOU are. Feminism is not a bad thing. It’s important to know the meaning of things. She is a kickass businesswoman. It’s a male dominant world but Taylor Swift may soon change that. She is teaching women valuable lessons that empower and inspire and hopefully lead to a greater cause.

Taylor Swift has made the bond between my sister and I tighter than ever. Thank you for that.

She owes her success to herself and deserves everything she has. She has worked so hard to get to where she is at and she is only 25!!

Happy Birthday Taylor Swift I wish you health and continued success!!!

I am not a stalker, just a dedicated fan.